OPEC Statement – Guyana

No 10/2023
Vienna, Austria
27 Jun 2023

In view of recent reports about Guyana being invited to become a Member of OPEC, while the Organization recognizes that Guyana is an emerging player in the international oil market with significant potential, OPEC has not invited Guyana to become a Member of the Organization.

HE Vickram Bharrat, Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, has been invited to participate in the 8th International OPEC Seminar scheduled for 5-6 July in Vienna, as have a wide array of OPEC and non-OPEC producing countries, as well as representatives of consuming countries, intergovernmental organizations, oil and energy companies, academics and other industry experts. The OPEC International Seminar is being held under the theme ‘Towards a sustainable and inclusive energy transition’.

OPEC will continue to reach out to other producers, as well as consumers, to build further bridges for dialogue and cooperation, in the interests of overall oil market stability.